Before we get to the good stuff … I have something to quickly run past you.

You see … if you mess this part up (it’s a before-you-start mindset) — then regardless of the system I show you … you won’t achieve long-term results.

Here’s how the typical trader (read: everyone that makes no money) approaches their trading:


There are many things wrong with this process. Let me start at the top.

    1. Quick and easy “riches”. Push-button profits. The big easy button. Shortcuts. Flash in the pan tactics. Forex Annihilation this. Binary Robot that. Push-Button Pips blah-blah … you get the picture. Wrong mindset and focus from the start.

    2. Buy “magic-bullet” product. You know the ones. “Just buy this thing and make money without any work”. The giveaway is normally in the name.

    3. Take action and implement. 90% of people do nothing after purchasing the product. Ziltch.

Then they get an email with the next bright “shiny-object” product, and the cycle continues.

Perhaps 10% of people will actually do something. Even if the product teaches a short lived tactic, it’s possible to achieve some results. Make some money. It won’t be anything long-term, but you might be able to earn some money temporarily.

Of those people that do achieve some results … the first sign of a road bump will send them scurrying back to the start of the process — on the lookout for the next Forex fad.


Listen … these “easy money” products have been around since 2005, and the reason new ones keep popping up is because people have more or less figured out that previous ones don’t work.

So every now and then, you’ll see a new face suddenly appear out of nowhere, with a new website, selling a new “easy money” product… and when people realize this one doesn’t work either, the product-sellers will shut down the website, disappear for a while, and come back later with a new personality, new website and new product.

The sooner you realize this process-flow is broken — the sooner you can move on to getting real results with your trading.

Let me show you a process that’s guaranteed to make money consistently. 100%. It never fails. Never. This process is altogether different:


    1. The process begins with a clear understanding of why it’s so easy to fail at trading. It’s about first understanding our strengths and weaknesses as retail traders in relation to the other participants in the market.

      It’s about studying the retail trading landscape and learning what makes everything tick.

      The focus is not on making money ‘right now’. Money is a result – it should never be the core driving force.

    2. A trading philosophy basically explains why and how the market moves the way it does, and how to profit from it.

      It’s derived from a combination of facts, logic, experience and common sense (in that order).

      All consistently profitable traders have a trading philosophy — no exceptions.

      It’s the losing traders that base their trading on arbitrary combinations of technical indicators that are in no way related to real-world economic factors or investor sentiment.

      Losing traders do not have a trading philosophy.

    3. The core trading method involves the practical application of the trading philosophy. This is the technical framework within which we actually take trades.

    4. As we continue making money with the trading method, it validates the trading philosophy…

    5. … if not, we examine the aspects of the trading philosophy that may require adjustments.

      As the trading philosophy evolves, so will the trading method… until we have a winning approach.

When you follow this mindset and workflow, “shiny-object” products and “magic-bullet” solutions become irrelevant and largely invisible.

If a product will help build and develop your core trading philosophy … then you invest in it. If it pulls you away from the core philosophy — it gets ignored. Simple.

Traders that understand and follow this process and philosophy can’t not make money. It’s impossible.


Because you test and tweak until you have a winner. If something doesn’t work — a road block — you move around it or under it or over it … or just plain kick your way through.

(I’ll explain little bit more about my trading philosophy later)

Point is … you’re always moving forward. It’s called momentum. And it’s powerful.

Stopping. Giving up. Looking for the next “magic bullet” solution the minute you hit a problem or experience resistance… only results in you earning nothing and the product-sellers getting rich from you buying up their next installment of rehashed crap.

It’s true. You already know this.

Working on your trading philosophy (and trading method) allows for continuous growth. You nurture what is working, and continuously test and tweak elements that aren’t.

This is how you win … big.


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