In the next few pages I’m going to “re-frame” your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big “Ah-Ha!” moments.

To start off, I’m going to explain to you how you can grow your trading income without working any harder…

Because the truth is … making $2,000/mo takes the same amount of effort as it takes to make $500/mo.


Let’s say you start with a $5K trading account.

A 10% monthly profit already guarantees a $500/mo cashflow into your bank account.

But if you choose to (and this is what I’d recommend), you can re-invest your profits to grow your capital.

You see… $5K at a 10% monthly profit grows to approximately $11K after just 9 months of trading – earning you $1,072 in profits every month.

And if you decide to let your profits roll, you’ll be looking at $2,089/mo after just another 7 months.

So with a $5K account, you’d be looking at a monthly income of $1K after 9 months… $2K after 7 more months, $3K after 4 more months, $4K after 3 more months, and $5k after 2 more months.

Did you notice something here? Each additional $1K of monthly income actually takes less and less time to achieve.

And all this from a mere 10% profit per month on one currency pair, or 5% per month each on two currency pairs.

That, right there, should be your first “Ah-Ha!” moment.

Now here’s something else to think about…

More than probably any other South-East Asian country, Thailand is a great place to enjoy a mini-retirement.

If you’ve visited the Land of Smiles, you’ll know the satisfaction of strolling up to a street stall, paying 25 baht (about $1) for a plate of fried rice, then relaxing on a plastic chair while chugging on $1-a-bottle beers and watching the world go by.

And guess what… living in Thailand is actually cheaper than visiting. Even in Bangkok, a long-term studio apartment goes for $200 – $300 per month; move to somewhere like Chiang Mai, and you could rent for as little as $80.

If you want to buy a place — a 3 bedroom upper class condominium will set you back around $160K. OMG! That’s not so expensive… (in contrast).

I live in Singapore, where a regular 2-bedroom condo costs 800,000 SGD (approximately $650K).

I think for most people, their perceptions of how attainable a great lifestyle is… is really quite twisted.

If for you, blissful living involves waking up to the smell of fresh flowers, taking leisurely walks along the beach with the breeze in your hair while the ocean swooshes onto shore … then perhaps a place like Krabi will suit you.

The point is … this page is not about convincing you to move to an island somewhere (unless that’s what you want)…

… I’m simply using Thailand as an illustration of what’s possible for not much money … and how online Forex trading can get you there, and to stay there… if that’s what you choose to do.

My aim is to “re-frame” your perception … and then show you how you can apply a low-stress, relaxed trading approach to achieve that result.

Your “Thailand” may be on the ski slopes of Chamonix, France … or a cozy apartment in Barcelona, Spain … or spending every alternate weekend kite-surfing in Bintan, Indonesia. Whatever.

The majority of 9-to-5’ers are killing themselves in jobs that they hate. Why? Because they think that’s what they need to do to survive the shit life thows at them.

Tim Ferriss’s eye-opening book introduced the idea of the 4-hour work week, and it inspired me to to develop the trading equivalent.

In the next few pages I’m going to lay out a system that I use to generate an almost-passive income stream from the currency market.

This simple system can allow you to live almost anywhere in the world.

If it’s Thailand, then you simply need to grow your trading account to earn $1,200/mo on one currency pair … or two currency pairs that earn you $600/mo each.

If $2,000/mo is your goal … then building up a $23K account will allow you to achieve that.

Let’s start.

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